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Empower smart devices to do more for your child

An ingenious way to keep your children safe from online addiction and turn their daily activities into adventures. Let your devices help you with your parenting.

Create, manage and assign tasks to your children

Award points to your children for task completion

Children can redeem their points for activities

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Homepage UI of ParentVerse Kids app
Image of P Joshua

P. Joshua
Pastor, Berachah Ministries
Hyderabad, India

As a parent of three, I cannot wait to start using the ParentVerse App. It seems to be the perfect solution to managing their devices and helping them build productive habits

Image of Sajitha Nair

Sajitha A Nair
VP, Northern Trust
Bangalore, India

ParentVerse helps me keep track of all the rewards I had promised my child and keeps us both accountable. It's fun, interactive and a great plus one to our ever dynamic family.

Image of Dr Brian Crump

Dr. Brian Crump
Brentwood, USA

Keeping track of the schedules of both my kids has never been easy, let alone fun, but with ParentVerse it has changed and how! I can now assign tasks and customizable chores to my kids that keeps them busy and the gamified interface helps keep them motivated to complete their work on time without my continued following up. It keeps us all productive and leaves us with more time on hand to spend as a family.  It’s a win-win for both parents and children!

Image of Nimanta Singh

Nimanta Sinha
Entrepreneur & Cake Connoisseur
New Delhi, India

ParentVerse can give you a headstart if you are looking for a device free environment at home for young children. It definitely helps that they will get rewards and earn points upon finishing their chores and homework on time that reinforces positive behavior. I’m super excited to use the ParentVerse app!

Worried phones aren’t good for your kids?

Help your children build a lifestyle that’s free from unhealthy dependence on smart devices.

Stop Doom Scrolling

Ditch the mindless scrolling and use the mobile phones and smart devices only when required. Powered through Mobile Device Management Technology, limit your child’s screen time according to your family’s needs

Overwhelmed by Choices

Confused by too many options available for your child’s holistic development? We help you navigate it all through our data driven inputs.

Reduce Cyber Bullying

Decide what your child watches on screen and with who and how they can interact with others online.

Shared Responsibility

Track tasks assigned to your child, that gives you more time to contribute in other ways for your family.

Parents Feature - Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Supervise what is played on the Screens!

Onboard your family in our app and control your home devices through your personal devices, remotely.

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Add Tasks to Timesheets

Productivity and Resourcefulness at your fingertips!

Create Tasks and add them to customizable Timesheets or pick Expert Driven ParentVerse Approved Timesheets to keep your children busy and productively occupied throughout the day.

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Parents Feature - Timesheets
Parents Feature - Reward Good Habits

Reward Good Habits

Positive Reinforcement at the click of a button!

Assign tasks and chores to your child to make them responsible and reward them when they are done. An excellent way to reinforce habit building.

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Collaborative Parenting

Get everyone in the family on board and let them help you!

Share the responsibility of managing the family with your spouse, siblings or even wellwishers. Add them to the family to help you manage even while you are away or busy.

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Parents Feature - Collaborative Parenting
Parents Feature - Reward Good Habits

Intuitive Reports

Decode the likes and dislikes of your child with ease!

Highlights your children’s interest areas and core focus areas based on their activities.

Onboard With Us

The children can keep track of their rewards all through the day. We bet they will thank you for this app.

Badges and Wishlist

Get rewarded for completing all the tasks and flaunt the fun badges. Add items in the wishlist and work towards that common goal by earning more points.

Kids Feature - Badges

Earn Points for Tasks

All chores that get done at home can earn your child points and what’s more they can view it in their wallets. Updateyour profile with fun avatars or images from the gallery.

Kids Feature - Tasks

Wallet and Ledger

Keep track of points and how they are being used in the ledger. Redeem points to watch your favourite showsor do your favourite activities.

Kids Feature - Wallet

Kid Mode and Kid Profile

A dedicated mode for your kid on your phone, that allows them to access their Wallet, Avatars and Send Requeststo you for approval.

Kids Feature - Profile

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Got questions? We’ve got answers.

ParentVerse App can be downloaded on your Smart TV that can be controlled through your personal device remotely. Moreover, every time you have to hand over your smart device you can turn on the Kid Mode for your child to use. That way they stay protected from all that you want to keep them safe from.

We send you a notification that the app has been uninstalled on the particular device so you can stay on top of it. We encourage you to have open conversations about the importance of this App and keeping your children safe, with the entire family so that everyone is onboard with the idea.

Absolutely! Each Kid Mode works in accordance with the particular device that’s linked to the Kid’s profile. So your phone can be used by two kids and yourself in different Kids and Parent mode.

Totally! Only the apps that you allow them to use, can be accessed while on Kid Mode. With appropriate customizations, you can make the phone absolutely safe for a kid of any age over 5 years. Just make sure to turn the KidMode on at all times and stay stress free, while you can track their activity via your Parent Mode.

As many as you want! But we suggest you keep all the people who live under one roof in one family in the app.

Are you a teacher or a school?

We can help you! Write to us at contactus@parentverse.co